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Shale Gas Quebec

Couillard rules out fracking | Montreal Gazette

Premier Philippe Couillard closed the door on shale gas development in Quebec after an environmental review said its risks outweighed the economic benefits."I don't think there is a big interest in developing this resource on the economic or financial levels.

Quebec Passes Hydrocarbon Bill That Opens Oil and Gas .

Dec 10, 2016 · Quebec passed hydrocarbon legislation that is likely to open up shale gas and oil reserves to energy companies operating in the province. Bill 106, introduced in June, passed by a margin of 62 to 38. It creates a new agency to promote Quebec's transition to cleaner energy but also includes the .

Quebec to ban shale fracking, limit oil-and-gas .

The Quebec government will ban fracking for shale gas and impose stricter rules when it comes to the exploration, extraction, and storage of oil and gas.

Shale Gas in Quebec | Oil and Gas Online Training by .

Recent interest in unconventional gas resources has attracted several oil and gas explorers to sedimentary basins in Southern Quebec. The main target of this interest is the Middle Ordovician Utica Shale.

Shale gas a tough sell in environment-proud Quebec

Shale gas a tough sell in environment-proud Quebec Les Perreaux Published Sunday, Oct. 03, 2010 9:53PM EDT Globe and Mail The natural gas trapped in rock thousands of metres beneath the tranquil rich farmland

Canada and fracking - SourceWatch

The ban came after environmental groups, farmers, and others in Quebec had spoken out against shale gas development in the province. Questerre has land prospective for shale gas in Quebec, . Wikipedia also has an article on Canada and fracking.

Junex [ Oil and Natural gas exploration in Quebec ]

Junex : Company specialised in oil and natural gas exploration in the province of Quebec. Expertise in drilling and completion of oil and gas wells. Production of natural brine, a great de-icing product for roads of Quebec. | Tel. : 418-654-9661, Quebec .

Utica Shale - The Natural Gas Giant Below the Marcellus?

The Utica Shale is a black, calcareous, organic-rich shale of Middle Ordovician age that underlies significant portions of Ohio, Pennsylvania, West ia, New York, Quebec and other parts of eastern North America (see Figure 1).

Shale gas in Canada - Wikipedia


The Utica – An Emerging Canadian Shale Gas Play

The Utica – An Emerging Canadian Shale Gas Play . Shale gas is natural gas that has been generated and trapped within the natural pores and fractures of shale. This natural gas has been accumulating because of the breakdown of high levels of organic carbon or kerogen within the shale. . Quebec's Utica shale gas play should be on .

Questerre Vows to Fight Quebec's Utica Fracturing Ban .

Questerre vowed to try again to revive Quebec shale drilling targets in the next round of legally required canvasses of public and interest group views before the new regulations can be implemented. The drilling ban is the second recent step to exclude the oil and gas industry from Quebec.

Shale Gas in Quebec's Sedimentary Basins; #80139 .

Shale Gas in Quebec's Sedimentary Basins Presentation by Jean-Sebastien Marcil Exploration Manager, JUNEX inc. In collaboration with Peter K. .

An overview of Canadian shale gas production and .

An overview of Canadian shale gas production and environmental concerns. . Overview of exploration and production activities related to shale gas in Canada. . The case of the Utica Shale is discussed here because it is located in Quebec, where a shale gas hydraulic fracking moratorium is currently in place and large-scale .


companies that attempt shale gas exploration. The Parti Québécois minority government needs opposition support for the legislation to pass. The . Queen Elizabeth hotel, site of the Quebec Association of Oil and Gas Producers 2010 conference. Photo courtesy of Climate Justice Montreal. 20 A Fractivist's Toolkit FREE TRADE IS WITH

Quebec's Shale and Tight Resources | Natural .

Université Laval, Potentiel en gaz naturel dans le Groupe d'Utica, Québec (PDF, 8.1 ) (Natural gas potential in the Utica Group, Quebec, conducted as part of the Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA) of shale gas)

Shale Gas in Canada: Environmental Risks and Regulation

Current Publications: Agriculture, environment and natural resources Shale Gas in Canada: Environmental Risks and Regulation * Penny Becklumb, Jed Chong, Tim Williams, Economics, . In Quebec, the Utica shale play is located in a stable geological area not prone to seismicity.

Shale gas play a no man's land in Quebec - The Globe and Mail

Quebec's shale gas sector is entering the big chill. Players in Quebec's nascent shale gas industry are nervously sorting through the provincial government's decision to freeze further exploration using the controversial drilling technique known as hydraulic fracturing. Quebec is putting fracturing .



Quebec to Ban Utica Shale Drilling, Most Other Drilling .

Quebec to Ban Utica Shale Drilling, Most Other Drilling Too June 7, 2018 Anti-Drilling, Industrywide Issues, Regulation It seems the Canadian province of Quebec has decided to ban pretty much all oil and gas drilling, which is a good news/bad news thing.

Quebec Tightens Fracking, Drilling Rules | .

The government of Quebec, Canada, announced plans to ban shale fracking "to ensure the safety of people and the protection of the environment." The announcement is part of the process of drafting regulations to implement the province's Hydrocarbons Act. . COMPRESSORtech2 targets gas compression products, systems and technologies .

Quebec Paves Way for Oil, Gas Exploration With New .

Dec 10, 2016 · Quebec Paves Way for Oil, Gas Exploration With New Plan By . Danielle Bochove. and . . Most is locked up in the Utica shale formation or in deposits beneath Anticosti Island, according to the Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers. . director general of the Quebec Oil & Gas Association, said by phone Saturday. .

Report 273 the Shale Gas Industry in Québec

Sustainable Development of the Shale Gas Industry in Québec V Opinions and Observations In its report, the inquiry commission presents a number of opinions and observations based

Quebec Premier Philippe Couillard says no to shale gas .

Quebec Premier Philippe Couillard says there will be no shale gas development in his province. Couillard made the pronouncement in an interview to be aired tonight with Radio-Canada's Téléjournal, a day after the province's environmental protection agency released a report raising .

Quebec's Anticosti Island: the debate over its oil and gas .

Quebec's Anticosti Island: Dreamers come and go, but it remains an enigma for developers . and oil companies decided it was time to take a fresh crack at prospecting for oil and gas resources. . studies saying there could be the equivalent of as much as 46 million barrels of oil trapped in the island's Macasty shale waiting to be tapped.

ARCHIVED - A Primer for Understanding Canadian Shale Gas .

ARCHIVED - A Primer for Understanding Canadian Shale Gas - Energy Briefing Note . The Utica shale gas play of Quebec is located adjacent to the Trans Québec & Maritimes Pipeline, which has significant room for production additions and serves the Montreal and Quebec City markets as well as connects to pipelines serving the .

Shale Gas in Canada - Pembina Institute

focuses on shale gas production and regulation in B.C., Alberta, Saskatchewan, Ontario, Quebec and New Brunswick. It should be noted that in this report, "hydraulic fracturing" refers to the injection of fluid and

Natural Gas Facts | Natural Resources Canada

* Unconventional gas includes tight gas, coalbed methane and shale gas. Natural gas wells. While Canadian natural gas production remained relatively flat and the number of wells drilled declined, the well productivity has increased over time. . Manitoba, Ontario, Quebec, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia and the territories.

Utica Shale Map - Utica Formation Ohio - Natural Gas

Utica Shale - Utica Shale Map - Ohio Shale - Utica Shale Oil & Natural Gas Field - Quebec Shale, Montreal, Canada Shale - Utica Shale companies - Utica Shale Play - Drilling in Utica Shale - New York

An Overview of Shale Gas Deposits in Eastern Canada

As one of the world's top shale gas reserve holders, Canada has abundant shale gas resources not only in the west (British Columbia and Alberta), but also in the east (Quebec and Atlantic Canada). However,

Shale Gas in Quebec's Sedimentary Basins

Shale Gas in Quebec's Sedimentary Basins Jean-Sebastien Marcil Junex Exploration Manager . Geological Engineer, M.Sc Geology. OIQ .